Watch: Rampage Jackson is really irritated with questions about a fight with 50 Cent

Rampage Jackson mad

Rampage Jackson is going to have to fight 50 Cent in Bellator isn’t he? You can tell by Jackson’s look of pure disgust that he is hyped to punch a early 2000s rapper in the head.

Rampage Jackson is pissed and who can blame him?

Rampage’s 19 year MMA career is probably coming to an end soon and TMZ is bothering the hell out of him at the airport. Page has lost his last two fights in Bellator to wrestlers by decision and he’s 39 years old.

Jackson may be officially too old for this shit. The last truly great Rampage moment came in Nov. 2014 versus Christian M’Pumbu. So who’s ready to watch Jackson KO a celebrity? Bellator, don’t do it.

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