Watch Pat Barry play in the snow

Pat Barry should have a role on TruTV’s ‘Bait Car’. Not quite sure what that role would be, but it would make the show that much more entertaining. Most of the episodes already take place in New Orleans, and he has a lot of free time on his hands in between fights, so it’s sort of a match made in heaven. Actually, that’s a pretty bad idea. If Pat Barry came anywhere in the vicinity of a bait car in his speedo doing Mortal Kombat re-enactments, chances are, people would just go back inside the 7/11 and order another Slurpee until he goes away. Maybe a better idea would have been to just give Pat Barry his own reality show called ‘Served’, where the producers just follow him around while he runs around in a Speedo doing whatever he wants. On that note, check out the pilot of the imminent television phenomenon as he continues to bromance Matt Mitrione. Via Hype or Die’s Twitter account:

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