Watch Pat Barry high kick the soul out of this heavy bag

This is a video of Pat Barry kicking a heavy bag. There isn’t much more to it. If you’re expecting him to make funny faces or act like you’re used to seeing Pat Barry act, this video will probably disappoint you. The only thing you’ll take away from watching these 34 seconds of footage is certainty that Pat Barry kicks exponentially harder than you. If you’re debating that, you’re just kidding yourself, like the time you watched the Olympics and said… “Yo, I could totally do that better.” Don’t get us wrong, we believe in you (not really), but just because the professionals make it look easy, it isn’t. The amount of force generated by Pat Barry’s leg as it makes contact with the bag is terrifying. Getting in its way can be hazardous to their consciousness. That’s why you can watch it safely, from the comfort of your computer screen, right here. You won’t get hurt until you try doing the same thing in your living room and slip.

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