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Watch MMA’s first belly-to-belly suplex knockout

Everytime I watch football on Sundays, I see Austin Collie get absolutely annihilated with a vicious hit to the head. I look around to my friends and insist that football is more brutal than MMA. No one ever agrees with me, but that’s alright, I’m used to being wrong all the time by now. In my opinion, you can view an average football season and have enough bone jarring, brain rattling collisions that it would make some MMA knockout reels look like T-ball. I’ve seen more stiff hands-up KOs this year in the NFL than the UFC, but somehow our favorite sport is barbaric. Well, my beloved Chicago Bears haven’t even thawed from their ice bowl with Brock Lesnar’s Vikings on Monday Night Football and my foot is already firmly inserted into my mouth. Check out this brutal belly to belly suplex KO from M-1 that will help Peyton Manning and slot receivers everywhere sleep better tonight. RIP Brett Favre. [Source]

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