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Watch MMA photog great Daniel Herbertson knock out his opponent

Watch MMA photog great Daniel Herbertson knock out his opponent
To be a mixed martial arts fighter you need motivation, dedication and the will to win. To be a mixed martial arts journalist you need motivation, dedication, and access to email. Since the 90s former Sherdog and MMA Fighting staffer Daniel Herbertson has had access to some sort of electronic mail. Now Herbertson has the will to win inside the confines of a real live MMA fight. 
From Australia, Herbertson took his first MMA fight on short notice. For those of you that dream about watching your favorite MMA media member get punched in the face or tapped out in brutal fashion this fight video is not for you. There exists no footage of Jordan Breen eating a takedown or Ariel Helwani getting leg kicked. 
Herbertson looks good during his maiden MMA voyage, with action standing up and on the ground. The referee for the fight on the other hand is a little lost. Distracted by the ring ropes the referee in charge of keeping the fighters safe completely misses the finish of the fight. Never a great idea to use a pro wrestling referee, distracted by loud noises and bright colors, in an actual MMA bout. 
Maybe Herbertson’s win will motivate other MMA journalists to get inside the ring or cage. Move over CM Punk, MMA media fighting in the ring is the new pro wrestlers fighting in the cage. Chase those dollar signs UFC. 
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