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Watch Miyaos mix it up at WPJJC and Euros with their new-school BJJ

Watch Miyaos mix it up at WPJJC and Euros with their new-school BJJ

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I have an unfounded aversion toward twins. I’m pretty sure it stems back to the trauma I experienced as a child watching Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” I blame my parents. The truth is, twins are pretty cool. They supposedly have all kinds of special psionic powers (i.e., they can talk to each other with their minds).

These Miyao twins – they’ve got some special powers too. They have the power of fancy grappling. I just made that term up right now, but I’m sure it will stick. At purple level, these bros are making a killing applying, almost exclusively, new school BJJ open guard magic, namely the De La Riva guard/Berimbolo and reverse De La Riva guard. Paulo won his division at the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship (Rio Trials) a couple of weeks ago and as well as at Euros this past weekend.

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