MMA Rundown

Watch: Meanwhile in WMMA, a 15 year old girl just KO’d a 25 year old woman with one punch

This is why mixed martial arts, for all its flaws, is still the most pure sport in the world. When the cage doors closes, MMA really is just one human versus another human. Winner gets their hands raised, while the loser goes back to the drawing board.

Over the weekend in Montana, at the Fusion Fight League two humans entered the cage only this time both were female and one was under the age of 16. Let’s watch 15 year old Anne Kleeman knock out 25 year old Dayna Kelly with one punch right to the face. Those teens with their teen problems, drama, growing up, being in high school and adjusting to the life of impeding adulthood.

Whatever obstacles get in the way of Anne Kleeman in her remaining teen years, at least she knows she can solve a few of those teenage issues with a single punch directly to the face.

H/T to WMMA expert MarQ P for the video

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