Watch Matt Hughes and BJ Penn train together in Hawaii

There are some things you just have to see to believe. And then once you see it you will sit silently for a long time because you are in awe of the awkward strangeness you just witnessed. You might even feel like you’ve been blessed with some sort of out of body spiritual experience. There are strange things happening in the world of MMA lately, first Dana White actually talks about Strikeforce without issuing insults and expletives and now this video footage of Matt Hughes and BJ Penn laughing and training together.

It feels as though all the world has been turned inside out or I’ve woken up in some sort of parallel universe or anti-reality. I might need to go contact a quantum cosmologist just to make sure I’m still here on earth as I know it. Or maybe I should just recheck my special brownie recipe and make sure I didn’t go overboard on the special ingredients. Whatever it is, a parallel universe, spiritual awakening, or too much herbs in the brownie mix its definitely amazing. [Source]

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