Watch Matt Horwich discuss the multiverse and meeting his wife on Craigslist

Reggie Warren Jr. is the only person qualified to step in for Ariel Helwani if he calls out sick from work. Unfortunately, probably doesn’t have enough liability insurance to cover imminent altercations as a result of Reggie drinking on the job. In any case, Reggie can take ownership of some of the finest MMA interviews of all time. Whosever idea it was to put him in the ring with Matt Horwich with a microphone strapped to nun-chucks and some index cards gets a Busch Light on me the next time you see me.

After defeating Thales Leites, Matt Horwich gave one of the most epic post fight interviews of all time. As far as we’re concerned, he’s the new Genki Sudo — and this video does nothing to derail that theory. Check out Reggie Warren Jr. asking Matt Horwich everything you ever wanted to know, right down to how he met his wife on Craigslist. [Source]

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