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Watch: Manly man Brian Stann pays off bet with Jon Anik by getting his leg hair waxed

Brian Stann is a man who pays off his bets. Four to eight years from now when Brian Stann is President of the United States of America, he will look back on this video and smile. Or President Stann may decommission the Atlanta Falcons out of the NFL and or make UFC play by play man Jon Anik mysteriously disappear.

We’d like to hope the office of the President of the good old US of A does not make Stann too revenge hungry

Stann, a huge Atlanta Falcons fan, and Anik, who is a huge New England Patriots fan, made a Super Bowl bet on the outcome of the game. Loser gets their legs waxed. Welp, after Atlanta blew the biggest lead in Super Bowl history, its time for Stann to pay up.

Let’s watch as future congressman, senator, or president pays off his debt with the respect and dignity it deserves.