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Watch Lyoto Machida perform a Kata at the open workouts

Watch Lyoto Machida perform a Kata at the open workouts

I think something special is going to happen in tomorrow night’s main event, I’m just not sure what. All I have in my brain is some sort of image of me screaming at the TV then grabbing the shoulders of the nearest human, then I pop back into my seat staring at the computer screen. Granted, I just got finished cramming 5 seasons of LOST into a two week timespan, so these dramatic images in my head could be a foretelling of things to come, or they are an alternate dimension and I’m dead. I’m not sure which, but it’s one of those two.

Yesterday at the open workouts Lyoto Machida performed a Kata for those in attendance, soothing everyone with his amazing form and detailed patterns. Is it a coincidence that I just got finished watching LOST with the Dharma Initiative and the constant use of the number 108 when the Kata and the spirituality of the Kata revolves around the Dharmic nature of that very same number-108? My mind is blown. Watch Lyoto do his thing without drinking any pee whatsoever.


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