Watch Lyle Beerbohm jump into a frozen river…Without pants that are fancy

I’m not actually under the notion that Lyle Beerbohm conducts every act in some sort of fancy pants, but In the world I live in, Lyle’s pajama pants are the most baller pair of pajama pants you have seen outside of Shonie Carter’s bedroom. His rashguard was designed by Zoolander and Versace made his Jiu Jitsu belt. So you can imagine my disappointment when he jumped int a freezing lake in a simple pair of grey normal pants. Nothing fancy about those, but good for Lyle, the health benefits of cold water therapy is becoming prevalent as more studies take place. With his February 18th Strikeforce: Challengers headliner against Pat Healy right around the corner, Fancy Pants Beerbohm has taken to immersing himself in the frozen Little Spokane River in Washington to prepare, and like anyone who has done something totally nutty, he has provided video proof. Take a look see:

Way to increase both the number and activity of peripheral cytotoxic T lymphocytes, Lyle!


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