Watch: Let Nick Diaz take you on a tour of a smoke shop

Hi, Nevada Athletic Commission here is a video of Nick Diaz touring a smoke shop while you still ban for five years for weed. This smoke shop is probably used for tobacco and hookah smoking purposes only. Don’t worry NAC. Diaz doesn’t worry.

Diaz walking a smoke shop is like Willy Wonka touring his Chocolate Factory. “Come with Diaz and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you’ll see into your imagination”.

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1 thought on “Watch: Let Nick Diaz take you on a tour of a smoke shop”

  1. FU Dana you don’t give a fu_k about him and never did. You I’m sure one of the people responsible for having him get that long sentence. People live this guy he will survive. If nick wants to stay out of ufc so be it. That’s up to him


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