Watch Joe Rogan come to the sudden realization that gutting a deer is serious stuff

How many of you understand the concept of hunting animals to eat? Culture has pampered us into believing there’s some factory in Iowa that magically produces individually packaged bologna slices from thin air. It’s easy to forget that back in the day, you would need to stealthy walk in the forest in search of boar, locate one and then use whatever incredible bow-and-arrow skills you received from endlessly training when you were a kid to have one shot at providing food for your tribe. Once it’s injured, you would have to look at that animal in relatively the same orbital sockets that reside in your skull and explain to the creature that you need to remove the life-force from its body in order to use its corpse to bring health and well-being to your tribe.

Once the animal is dead, you then need to grab a knife and shove it into its stomach and remove the intestines to prevent them from contaminating the flesh. Next you have to remove the same thick fur that kept this once-alive animal warm, exposing its naked body to the elements for the very first time. Some people would keep the warm heart and eat it on the spot as a sign of respect to the creature. However, let’s face it. You just killed an animal, ripped it open and ate its heart. That’s animal kingdom domination, not respect. That’s some deep [expletive].

Don’t even act like you understand what that’s truly like. You may have hunted in the past, but your life has never been dependent on killing solely for food. That is, unless your name is Les Stroud, the greatest Canadian that has ever lived.

We can’t wait for the inevitable team-up of Les Stroud and Joe Rogan in his upcoming SyFy show, but in the meantime check out this Meat Eater TV clip of Rogan completely gutting a deer. Props to Fighters Only for the banner pic. Warning: It’s pretty graphic.

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