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Watch Jenny Yum’s 14-second spinning backfist KO at Tuff N Uff

Aaron Tru and a LayzieTheSavage video in one day, I think physicists would usually predict some sort of paradox whenever something like this happens. Once the dynamic-duo of MMA reporting, both have now went their separate ways due to some mysterious beef between the two. I actually know the whole story, and as much as I think Aaron Tru is a great reporter, I’m on Team LayzieTheSavage. That’s my allegiance. I would wear some sort of button on my shirt if I had clothes on. Truth be told, half of these articles are composed under the influence of sheer nakedness. It’s a great way to implement obscure 1980s references in articles. Try it out for yourself, just be sure to close the windows. recorded Jenny Yum’s extraordinary fourteen-second KO of Lindsay Jones last week at Tuff N Uff and have finally released the footage. It was held captive and most likely released when Jenny Yum spinning backfisted it onto the internet. Jenny now has an amateur MMA record of 6-0 with one of those wins ending in just nine seconds. There, now all of you know she exists. Don’t be surprised if you hear her named associated with the phrase ‘Unstoppable Frate Trane’ in the near future. [Source]

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