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Watch: Inside MMA asks Luke Rockhold if he would pose nude. So will he? Like when?

Watch: Inside MMA asks Luke Rockhold if he would pose nude. So will he? Like when?

For those protesting the Felice Herrig and Carla Esparza playing touch butt post, this half naked Luke Rockhold story is just for you. Could you ask former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold if he is ever going to do a naked photo shoot with a straight face and free of wandering eyes? MMA’s “Luke Rockhold is extremely good looking” meme has just about reached its apex.

So even when Rockhold loses his 185 pound title to Michael Bisping he just happens to trip and fall into dating Pop singer Demi Lovato, then drags himself off the mat into a seven figure modeling contract. The Luke Rockhold struggle is still very real.

Ahead of his fight with Jacare Souza, the team at Inside MMA sat down with Rockhold for a profile piece. And roughly 45 seconds into the interview Rockhold gets asked about posing nude.

Not awkward at all because the human body is a very natural thing. Rockhold is shooting up whatever model power rankings are out there thanks to his willingness to get naked in front of the camera. This guy. This life.

Watch the full Rockhold profile below

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Sunday 30th of December 2018

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