Watch: Heel Michael Bisping says take all the steroids you want right in the face of an innocent GSP

Michael Bisping vs GSteroidsP

Michael Bisping is an asshole but he’s our asshole. Everyone has that friend in their crew who is 100% real and never puts on a fake mask during certain social situations.

Bisping is the realest. Social norms tell you that you should not joke about Performance Enhancing Drug abuse with a fighter who other fighters have already accused of PED abuse. Georges St. Pierre retired right as the time the UFC was dipping their toes into enhanced USADA drug testing.

Since GSP walked away from the cage, MMA has watched fighters like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and other top tier champs get busted by the UFC’s USADA overlords.

Now watch Bisping, half joke, half accuse GSP of taking steroids while the Canadian GOAT attempts to board an elevator. How does anyone possibly respond to that all too real, room killing joke by Michael Bisping? Bisping gonna Bisping and laugh all the way to the bank while he’s doing the best impersonation of himself.

Bye George

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