MMA Rundown

Watch: Hannah Rokala hit Brianna Smith so hard she vomited in her mouth, Rokala wins by TKO Puking

No words. All the throw up. Sometimes in regional MMA weird and random shit happens. Then sometimes in regional MMA your opponent blows chunks in the middle the of the cage. Makes perfect sense.

From USFFC 29, hyped prospect Hannah Rokala was booked versus Brianna Smith. The fight was going on as planned until suddenly the referee jumped in and waved it off. Wait, why was it stopped? After Rokala throws out a punching combo, Smith backs away and covers her mouth in horror. Did she just? Yup, she did.

Smith’s best defense versus was Rokala was to puke in her own mouth and lose the fight via TKO barfing. Interesting technique, let’s see where this strategy takes her.