Watch Fedor train in Russia for his fight against Werdum

Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t train in Russia, Russia trains in Fedor. Damn these old Chuck Norris jokes, not all of them work when applied to Fedor (or Ubereem). Let me try another: ‘They say curiosity killed the cat. This is false. Fedor Emelianenko killed the cat. Every single one of them’. Not sure how that would go over with PETA or my friend who sends me emails why I’m going to hell for eating a Carne Asada. Here’s another: ‘Fedor Emelianenko originally wrote the first dictionary. The definition for each word is as follows – A swift overhand right to the face’. Ah, there we go.

Fedor is just weeks away from throwing down with Fabricio Werdum who, surprisingly, is in the new UFC Undisputed 2010. Another interesting tidbit about UFC Undisputed 2010, THQ programmed ‘Fyodor’ and ‘Emilianako’ to be selectable names in the Create a Fighter menu as well as ‘The Last Emperor’. Regardless of what mind games ZUFFA is slapping against our cerebellum, Fedor vs. Werdum goes down June 26th in San Jose (although Fedor will be in attendance at Strikeforce: Los Angeles according to Loretta Hunt).

Check out this video of Fedor dodging two plastic phallic things effortlessly as he trains for his upcoming WAMMA title defense (are they even around still?). [Source]

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