Watch Eddie Alvarez acknowledge the power of his fade

Archeologists are going to unearth Eddie Alvarez’s fade 1,000 years from now and assume that a tight fade was a requisite for all humans. A few weeks ago, I made this ridiculous Eddie Alvarez/Jesus/Barber picture because I lost my wallet and couldn’t do anything on a Saturday night. That tends to happen a lot. If I had a social life, MiddleEasy would no longer exist.

Bauzen is finally back from whatever taco-filled hibernation chamber he resided in for the past couple weeks and has come through with an extraordinary video of Eddie Alvarez acknowledging that he placed first in our list of The Top Ten Fades in MMA. If you’re not familiar with what a fade is, it’s essentially a way to gradually shave hair so that it ‘fades’ the lower you get down the neck. Eddie Alvarez is like The Last Starfighter of MMA fades. The dude’s eyebrow fade could defeat half the fades on our Top Ten List.

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