Watch Dan Hardy serve as Paul Daley’s hype man in this video

Before I wrote this article, I ensured the term ‘hype man’ was actually in the English lexicon and not just something my friends and I use to describe every supporting cast member in a James Toney YouTube video. If you temporarily redirect your browser to the Wikipedia entry for ‘hype man’, not only will you get a concrete list of the services a hype man can offer, but they also have a list of notable ‘hype men’ that have appeared throughout history including the alleged first hype man, Kool Moe Dee. If you’ve actually visited the previously mentioned Wikipedia entry, then you’ll notice that among notables like Freaky Tah of The Lost Boyz, Memphis Bleek of Jay-Z and Proof of D12 — Dana White also made the cut. Now it’s time to add Dan Hardy to that list of esteemed hype men. Check out this video from Woah! TV of Dan Hardy verbally immortalizing Paul Daley.

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