Watch Cheick Kongo speak French in Arabic

Cheick Kongo is the reason North Korea will never launch a nuke at other country. Some dudes have cool nicknames like ‘The Spider’ and ‘The Natural’, Kongo goes by Unstoppable (seriously, he does). If you’re a communist country and you have a list of countries you would like to blow up, you’re forced to scratch off all countries that have a dude named ‘Unstoppable’. We’re such a big fan of Kongo that even after he lost against Cain Velasquez as UFC 99, we still published an article that said he won. To add to Kongo’s repertoire of inhuman powers, Kongo can now speak French in Arabic. Or maybe it’s Arabic in French. Either way, it’s going to be the most gangsterish thing you’re going to see today.



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