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Watch: Chael Sonnen tells the story of Vince McMahon offering Mike Goldberg $100k to leave the UFC

And here we go. With Mike Goldberg leaving the UFC broadcast team after UFC207; more and more stories are popping up about his 19 years plus with the company. Goldberg has seen it all and has watched more live MMA in person than almost any other person currently with the company.

One of the better Goldie stories comes courtesy of Chael Sonnen.

This story involves Spike TV, Monday Night Raw, the first season of The Ultimate Fighter and possibly WWE chairman Vince McMahon offering Mike Goldberg a bag full of unmarked hundred dollar bills to ditch the UFC. Let Sonnen take you back to UFC 55 in October 2005 and the night when the WWE tried to steal the UFC’s play by play guy right before a pay per view was set to air.

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