Watch: Boxing vs. MMA! Jose Aldo spars hard with Mexican Olympic boxer Lindolfo Delgado

Jose Aldo Box

Can not escape it. The Mayweather-McGregor smoke monster is hovering over the entire combat sport’s landscape. Remember Jose Aldo? He to used to be a rival to the one and only Conor McGregor.

After an epic world multi-country world tour, all kinds of hype and a 13 second thrashing at the hands of McGregor, many thought Aldo’s entire ethos was extracted from him at UFC 194. Aldo cam back at UFC 200, won an interim belt then was off ocne again to the land of winds and ghosts at the hands Max Holloway at UFC 212.

So what’s next for the 30 year old former 145 pound kingpin? Let the Jose Aldo to boxing rumors wash over you face as you watch the Brazilian stand toe-to-toe with 2016 Olympic boxer Lindolfo Delgado.

Really hard to watch Aldo throw strikes without wanting hi to just leg kick the hell out of Delgado’s unsuspecting shin meat.

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