Watch Bob Sapp’s fight from last week. Don’t worry, we won’t ruin the ending

Bob Sapp is like a marketing God in Japan. The guy pushes gummy candyJapanese pizza jointsfabric softener and loves to rip the tentacles off of weird plush Japanese squid creatures on live TV with his shirt off. Bob Sapp has cornered the market for guys that like to wear feather-lined robes — he could serve as an ambassador from the world of feather-lined robes.

While you were busy doing your second day of P90x, Bob Sapp was getting some Japanese soccer mom in shape with his ‘Beast Beat!‘ dance exercise DVD. Nothing says ‘Dance’ more than a 265lber telling you to do the running man while touching your toes. Imagine the look on your roommate’s face when he opens the door and sees you doing a synchronized dance exercise with your boy Bob Sapp.

Last week, Sapp hopped in the cage at SuperKombat WGP 4 in order to fight Alexandru Lungu in Romania. We won’t ruin the ending of the fight, but perhaps you should just check out below.

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