WATCH: Ben Askren Defeated Shinya Aoki Via TKO At Immortal Pursuit

Ben Askren’s retirement performance was outstanding at ONE Championship cage and leaves MMA for good.

Ben’s retirement bout was against a Japanese veteran a grappling wizard and multiple-time former champion, Shinya Aoki at the Indoor Stadium Singapore on Friday, November 24.

Askren banged the former ONE lightweight champion Aoki, and in return, Aoki pulled guard seconds into the bout. Askren immediately rocked him with a right hand, kept throwing shots and referee stepped in called it at the 57-second mark and awarded Askren a technical knockout for his final victory in MMA.

Ben Askren on a previous episode of The MMA Hour:

“Listen, I told someone this the other day, and this is something I ca0n be totally proud about, I hope I don’t eff this up while I’m telling it live: I have never turned down a fight, I have never pulled out of a fight, I have never missed weight, I have never failed a drug test, and I have never lost. And I don’t know that anyone else can say that, ever.”

Askren is content to end this final chapter of his life as this was his final bout of his career with an undefeated record of 18 wins. He never got a chance to fight in the UFC, but he doesn’t regret his career a bit.

“Obviously I wasn’t granted the opportunity to fight the best guys in the world. [Douglas] Lima and [Andrey] Koreshkov, they’re pretty freaking good, and I still don’t think they get their due for how good they really are. People are so resistant if you don’t have the UFC behind your name, to give you the credit you deserve. So I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to fight some of the best guys in the world, and that was not something that was on my end by any sense of the imagination — and so yeah, I am definitely satisfied. I don’t really think there’s anything I could’ve done differently, or would have done differently.”

Watch the pound and ground here:

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