Watch Andrei Arvloski do the impression we all knew was coming sooner or later

The train system in Atlanta is called Marta. Every time I go to board the train (probably a total of 5 times in the ten years that I have lived here) I summon my inner King Leonidas and throw my fists in the air and yell out “THIS IS MARTA” and then kick the person next to me in the sternum. Alright, you got me, I don’t actually kick the person next to me in the sternum. First of all, I’m much too short to kick most people in the sternum and second I’m not fond of jail cells. But, I do yell out “This is MARTA!” with my fists in the air. It’s a nice and easy way to keep creepy train people at a distance. If someone thinks you are crazier than they are, they will generally leave you alone.

Check out this clip of Andrei Arlovski hanging out at Jackson’s MMA doing his best King Leonidas Sparta kick impression. Then go and try it out on your freeloading roommate that keeps leaving his underwear hanging on the shower rod and eating all of your Flaming Hot Cheetos. I bet he won’t steal your Cheetos anymore after that, he might even pack up and finally move off your couch for good.

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