Watch Anderson Silva exit a bus, navigate through a crowd of fans and then workout on the beach

Let this video radiate our optics. In the future, people won’t even take pictures of cool monuments or document trips through video. They’ll just walk around with memory apprehension glasses, they will attempt to capture the past tense. Most of those words were obtained from an album called ‘Deltron 3030‘ and I suggest you pick it up at your local — ah wait, the music industry is dead. Download it.

Anderson Silva is fighting in motherfriggin’ Brazil this weekend and unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Sure I could have grabbed a plane ticket along with a moderately priced hotel, but ever since I saw ‘City of God,’ all of my aspirations to travel to Brazil have dwindled into insignificance. So check out this video of Anderson Silva being mobbed by a crew of people as he walks to the beach and engages in an open workout. [Source]

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