Watch Al Iaquinta Talk About the Camel Clutch and Making Dudes Humble

For those that are somehow gleefully unaware, the Iron Sheik was an 80’s WWF villain who portrayed an Iranian character during what was turbulent times for relations between the United States and the Middle-East. He played a foil for American babyfaces for years, with memorable feuds with Hulk Hogan, including Hulk Hogan’s first WWF title victory coming over the Iron Sheik. Why is this relevant? Hold on.

Over the past few years the Iron Sheik has gained some traction on the interwebz thanks to Twitter. He had been known as being sort of a loveable nutcase in interviews and talking about “f&cking [you] in the @ss and make [you] humble,” which is legitimately along the lines of what he’s been saying for years. He took the act to Twitter and when Twitter began to blow up the Iron Sheik was a must-follow, along with the likes of Shaq and other big personalities. The Iron Sheik’s finisher was a camel clutch, which is, well, the camel clutch.

After Al Iaquinta’s finish of Ross Pearson the other night he decided to quote the Iron Sheik, something that many might have missed. Here’s the video.

Good for Al Iaquinta for finally showing a bit more attitude and personality, because honestly, I’ve always equated him to the guy awkwardly grunting while Weidman armbarred him in that jewelry ad.

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