Watch a tipsy Bas Rutten dominate Las Vegas for his bachelor party

Bas Rutten probably thinks you’re out of shape. I probably think you’re out of shape, but I’m not the three-time King of Pancrase nor has my blood been replaced with cans of Red Bull. If everyone emerged from the same genetics as Bas Rutten, the earth would sink out of orbit from everyone simultaneously jumping on top of it. Actually, they could never happen. If you were to take the entire planet’s population, locate everyone in the same vicinity and instructed everyone to jump, nothing would happen. On July 20th 2006, a reported 600 million people participated in ‘World Jump Day’ which was an attempt to knock the planet out of orbit in order to reverse global warming. Scientists said that if 600 million people did indeed jump on July 20th, it would only shift the earth’s orbit a small fraction of the radius of a single atom. The other portion of the atom could have been accomplished through Bas Rutten’s split jump, silly scientists. Check out this video that just surfaced of Bas Rutten’s 2004 bachelor party in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopefully it will remind of you the time when you also nearly fell down an escalator in a Las Vegas casino.

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