Watch: A loud ‘f**k you Dana’ made it on the UFC 225 broadcast and it was pretty great

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Man, fans of *insert fighter Dana White has thrown under the bus in recent months here* sure were pretty vocal at UFC 225. We don’t know why Dana White is pissed off but he’s been extra grumpy as of late.

Has the fire in White’s belly returned and he’s ready to whip the UFC back into shape? Is it 2005-2009 again? What kind of time travel capabilities are required to get White back to being one of the bets president’s in all of pro sports?

There was a time where the UFC could not afford to lose Dana White as a key member of their business. That time is long gone. If the UFC fired White tomorrow the entire MMA machine would just keep rolling along.

When Zuffa sold the UFC to WME-IMG, White walked away from the deal with somewhere north of $300 million dollars. Then he just kind of checked out on his UFC gig. He’s still there as the face of the UFC but where is the passion?

Financially, the UFC is in a great spot. The UFC just fleeced ESPN for big bucks in their next TV contract, for what amounts to some Fight Nights and Fight Pass cards. The UFC just got paid, yet White was grouchy as all hell at UFC 225.

Thanks to someone on the UFC broadcast team being asleep at the wheel, a loud and audible ‘fuck you Dana” made it on to the Fight Pass stream. Go check it out for yourself. Let us know how you really feel Chi town.

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