Watch a flying armbar that’s so low percentage, we guarantee you’ll be trying it tonight

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Definitely do not try this at home (or in the gym).  There are some techniques that go beyond what I like to call “boutique” and into the realm of outrageously impossible.  While they may look cool during a demonstration, they are so eccentric and difficult to achieve that they’re just not worth attempting or spending a lot of time drilling.

I’m not talking about the tornado or helicopter sweeps or high-flying Sambo throws or any of those creative and very intricate gi tail chokes.  These are difficult to perfect for sure and they are best employed by a more experienced grappler with a solid foundation.  But, they actually work.  I’m talking the flying stuff.  Anything that requires jumping or platforming off of a dude’s back or shoulder is probably not the best technique to concentrate on.  I’d forbid you to practice them, but I know you’d do it anyway.

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