Watch a day of training with Jessica Penne or feel bad about yourself

Can we get over the reverse sexism of saying how much female athletes ‘want it,’ and just nod our heads, cross our arms and bite our bottom lips while appreciating the hard work they are doing in the gym? Or is that too much to ask? Weight classes, sex classes, David Bowie would not appreciate these segregations, nor would he be able to be placed into a specific class himself. If David Bowie had to fight he would be in the androgynous class, squawking at the weigh-ins like a pink monkey bird and only Marilyn Manson or Maynard Keenan would be able to defeat him (unless the fight takes place on Mars, Bowie wins on Mars 10 out of 10 times). But we were talking about Jessica Penne…

Jessica Penne is not woman who kicks ass, she’s a human who kicks ass. To get really specific, she’ll use her training with Mark Munoz and the rest of the humans at Reign training center to to kick enough ass that she’ll be able to climb up and over her fallen combatants, using them as those little grips to reach the top of the MMA Aggro Crag.


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