Watch a brawl happen in Italy at the worst MMA promotion we’ve ever seen

Watch a brawl happen in Italy at the worst MMA promotion we've ever seen

Before we go any further with this article, be sure to click play on the video at the 14:30 mark so we can all simultaneously enjoy the hijinks of this Italian MMA promotion called ‘Slam MMA.’

The first jaw-droppingly wrong thing about all of this is how close one guy’s corner is to the cage while the other guy (fighter with the ankle wraps) has his corner where actual corner men should be. He’s following the rules, imagine that. We’re not sure why this promotion let one corner literally sit cageside and give their fighter advice, but let’s move on before we have a premature aneurysm.

Within seconds, ankle-wrap guy gets caught in a decent guillotine, which is inspected and then broken up by the ref. The guy with the guillotine throws in a few cheap shots off the ground, and then both fighters are separated for reasons not even Galactus knows.

The two fighters engage again and after missing a kick, ankle-wrap guy pushes his opponent towards the cage, and literally both fighters fall outside the cage. Wait, are you guys surprised the cage door wasn’t locked? Folks, this entire event is pure chaos — expect everything improbable to suddenly be a probability in Slam MMA. As the fighters are tossed outside the cage, the ankle-wrap guy starts taking knees from his opponent! The two fighters eventually get shoved back in the cage and the fight, that should have been called off due to pure stupidity, continues.

Ankle-wrap guy throws another high kick but misses and lands in guard, his opponent quickly hops in it and tries to go for the submission. The referee jumps in and breaks up a supremely advantageous position because — well, he’s an idiot. As the ref tries to get inbetween the two, the guy on top headbutts ankle-wrap guy and then catches him with a couple strikes as the ref tries to break them up! Ankle-wrap guy, tired of the absolute madness of this bout incites a little bit of his very own craziness to the match and goes for a superman punch as the ref has the other fighter in the corner!

Wait, the nuttiness isn’t even close to being over.

The owner of Slam MMA, Marco Santi, jumps into the ring and performs a perfect double-leg takedown of ankle-wrap guy, gets in full mount, and then smashes him in the face with a Bas Rutten open-palm strike! After seeing their fighter get punched by the promoter, ankle-wrap guy’s corner rushes towards the cage only to be stopped by what appears to be either the Italian MMA commission, or just some really drunk dudes from the audience.

What happens next is rather confusing. Despite the blatant infractions by the referee and the guy not wearing the ankle-wraps, it appears that he actually wins the fight. Nothing makes sense about any of this. It’s probably just better if you watch the tomfoolery below. Big thanks to our unnamed Italian reader for the find!

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