Want a piece of MMA history? Jose Canseco is selling his finger on Ebay

Just the other day, Dave Walsh and myself were talking about what IF Mark Hunt wins the UFC Interim Heavyweight title? What would happen? What would be our fantasy booking?

We decided that the only reasonable course of action was to bring in Minowaman and have a champion vs. champion match. It only makes sense. Well… at least to two weirdos who have a weird obsession with wrestling and JMMA. We both discussed how hard we marked out for the Super Hulk tournament and how MMA needs more of it.

Well, while we may never see The Super Hulk tournament 2 that we both deeply desire, we can get our hands on a piece from it. Jose Canseco is planning on selling his finger on Ebay, the same finger that he recently shot off while cleaning his gun this past week.

Although back in 1999, someone tried to sell a kidney on Ebay and Ebay intervened. As a fan, I hope this doesn’t happen again, I want to have a piece of history in my possession. I want something from my favorite tournament in MMA history in my possession and this might be my only chance to obtain this.

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