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Wanderlei Silva is not pleased with Vitor Belfort’s broken hand

Wanderlei Silva is not pleased with Vitor Belfort’s broken hand

You’ve wanted this rematch with Vitor Belfort since 1998, Wand. You’ve been waiting and waiting, and it was only a month away – then Vitor drops out with a broken hand. I know how you feel in a way Mr Axe Murderer, I waited for a sequel to Diablo 2 for over a dozen years, then when Diablo 3 came out all I got was an unbalanced mess at Hell difficulty and beyond with uninteresting classes and a plot that unfolds like Gary LaPlante’s famous candied bacon. You’re frustrated Wand, you feel like Vitor may be a avoiding the fight, or that breaking his hand is a pure amateur move. I feel the same way about the auction house and 10 minute fights with champion packs of mobs in D3. Ten minutes of kiting isn’t fun, and neither is having a huge fight in your home country pulled out from under you. If you were here right now I would make a fist and hold it up to my heart, that’s how close I feel to you right now.

You and I both are usually nice guys and can look past the flaws of a Vitor, or a Blizzard Entertainment, but not this time. This time you take to Twitter to express your feelings over what has happened with Vitor, while I scour the Diablo messageboards for a way to not die in one shot every-single-time regardless of mob type since Energy Armor got nerfed.

Here is what Wand had to say about Vitor backing out of his fight on June 23rd.

“(Fighting me) with one hand (laughs)? We are professionals. It’s a great irresponsibility not to be careful on training, a great disrespect towards the fans. I’m really sad. I’m ready to knock you out, you have nowhere to run. This fight is happening. I guess you got scared of me. Nobody trains so hard that breaks his hand. We use the best equipments, gloves, bandages”,

“If you were scared, you shouldn’t have accepted it. If you really got it broken, it’s amateurism and if you didn’t, you’re scared. In both scenarios, it was irresponsible of you towards the fans. Pardon the word, but I’m pissed with your amateurism. A main event on the biggest event of the world and the guy shows up like that”.

Thanks to Tatame for the Twitter translation.


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