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Wallid Ismail cut his Jungle Fight champion for missing weight, then banned him from watching the entire card

Wallid Ismail cut his Jungle Fight champion for missing weight, then banned him from watching the entire card

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Wallid Ismail on MiddleEasy. The truth is, Wallid Ismail is forever in the WWE post-fight announcement pose. Even when Wallid is insisting that he will bring his Jungle Fight promotions to the favelas of Brazil, he appears to be seconds from ripping your soul from your body and stealing your wallet. At UFC 106 I elbowed every ketchup bottle, vanilla scented candle and empty cereal box I could when Wallid Ismail made a celebrity appearance in Paulo Thiago’s corner. When Thiago grabbed the W and Wallid stepped in to translate for him, I was on the edge of my cheap Wal-Mart chair. It was like we were on Pepe beach all over again.

For those of you who don’t understand our fanaticism towards Wallid, then you may need to revist our list of the ‘Top Ten Fighters You Should Build a Shrine Too.’ We’ve even made shirts about Wallid, which even incited a controversy on The Underground.

Wallid Ismail runs his Jungle Fight promotion with an iron fist, but with like Dr. Doom’s iron fist so a lot of bad stuff happens when things get screwed up — like cutting your flyweight champion three hours after missing weight. That’s what happened to Robson New this weekend at Jungle Fight 55; here’s what Wallid had to say about the entire ordeal (translation by Patsy).

Because Robson New failed to make weight he has been stripped of the belt and will never again fight in Jungle Fight. This serves as a message to all fighters: those who fail to make weight in title defense bouts are out. This is a sport that demands discipline. What he did was disrespectful to his opponent and the fans. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t watch the event not even on the TV.

Robson New was replaced by Junior Boya on one day notice and managed to upset Boya to claim the Jungle Fight flyweight title, and this is a picture of him and a very happy Wallid.

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