Wait, so you’re telling me Steven Seagal was at Kanehara’s fight in Russia yesterday?

July 7th didn’t go so well for Masanori Kanehara. The guy caught a controversial TKO against Rasul Mirzaev in a fight that some thought was stopped entirely too early. ‘Some’ meaning everyone that wasn’t Russian. Look, Kanehara may have been hurt, but Mirzaev was awarded a gift stoppage solely because ‘Fight Nights – Battle of Moscow 4’ took place in his backyard. It’s not complicated. Leave the rocket science kits at home, you won’t need it today. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that if Kanehara was training with Master Seagal, the entire bout would have taken an alternate course. A course that has a high probability of ending with an expertly placed front kick. Check out this clip of Steven Seagal making an appearance in Moscow, Russia in typical Master Seagal fashion. [Source]

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