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Wait, did Anderson Silva tap to a kneebar at UFC 162? You decide…

Wait, did Anderson Silva tap to a kneebar at UFC 162? You decide…

The ghost of UFC 162 will haunt you forever — or until Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman rematch later this year, whichever comes first.

A few days ago we broke the news to the MMA world that Anderson Silva losing at UFC 162 could have been a very complex troll attempt that operated at a plane of existence that not even the Justice League of America could understand. Now it appears there’s another UFC 162 conspiracy theory afoot, and it all originated from The UG.

UGer Jimbobduggan suggested that Anderson Silva tapped to a knee bar performed by Chris Weidman, and that after the attempt, Anderson Silva was rather light on his leg for the remainder of the fight. His accusation gained credence when someone actually located the moment and placed it in a .gif to forever loop in your mind.

Something is definitely going on with Anderson Silva’s hand in this .gif, but is it a tap? Herb Dean makes it somewhat difficult to tell, however if you notice he does sort of steps in at the end as if he in fact saw something. Strange stuff, to say the least.

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