Wait, Chael Sonnen called Mike Tyson a fake champion?

Alright Chael, when you said Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer by doing performance enhancing drugs, we thought it was clever. When you wanted to pat Anderson Silva’s wife on the butt and tell her to make you a steak, we thought it was thought provoking. However, now — you’ve stepped over the line. Disrespecting Mike Tyson is completely disregarding everything Lil Mac and his trainer did on Nintendo over two decades ago.

In an interview with the LA Times, Chael mentioned that he doesn’t want to be considered a fake champion like Mike Tyson — confusing, yes…but this is Chael Sonnen, folks.

“I don’t want to be protected and remembered as a fake champion like Mike Tyson, who was called the best, even though he couldn’t beat either Evander Holyfield or Lennox Lewis. I don’t want to be the chosen child. I don’t need my name in lights. I need a competition. If there’s one thing I don’t like in life, it’s bullies. I was picked on as a kid. The UFC can give me anyone they want. I will stand or fail on my own.”

As far as this banner picture, I have no idea what’s going on. It appears that Okami has ambushed Chael in the pool and is attempting to take all of his lunch money.

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