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Vladimir Matyushenko’s face has the ability to cause leg injuries, seriously

Vladimir Matyushenko’s face has the ability to cause leg injuries, seriously

All those Chuck Norris jokes you hear are nonsense. Everybody knows they are just based on the real life of Vladimir Matyushenko. One thing that Matyushenko can claim that Chuck Norris simply cannot is that according to his Wikipedia page, The Janitor has struggled with a lifelong addiction to pogs. Who knows if there is any truth to that, or if we are all now victims of irreverent Wikipedia sabotage. Either way, Vladimir has spoken to ahead of upcoming fight with Alexander Gustaffson at UFC 141 and told them about the time he fought Carlos Baretto in Jungle Fights.

“My hands were up, but he broke my freakin’ nose with his leg – but he broke his leg and I won the fight!! (laughs). He just fell down. He broke his leg or twisted his knee, I don’t know what happened, but he fell to the canvas and I was still standing. So I punched him a few times and they stopped the fight. He broke my nose but I won the fight.”

Vladimir also spoke to about his UFC 141 opponent Alexander Gustaffson which you can read by going to this link here or even here. Gustaffson is touted as one of the greatest contenders to the Jon Bones Jones throne, and I guess we’ll find out in about a week if it’s true.

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