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Vitor Belfort vs. Tim Kennedy is going down in Brazil, and the conspiracies are already starting

Vitor Belfort vs. Tim Kennedy is going down in Brazil, and the conspiracies are already starting

Alright, let’s have a mini-SMRM localized entirely in this article. Sometimes the rumors just simply can’t wait, especially when it comes to TRT usage.

Now that Dana White has announced they are trying to set up Vitor Belfort vs. Tim Kennedy in Brazil at some point in 2013, people are already claiming that Dana White is trying to ‘hide Belfort’s TRT usage.’ Granted, since Belfort admitted he used TRT, his last two fights actually have been in Brazil. Dana actually addressed these claims in an interview with MMAFighting (transcribed by MMAMania, those guys hate us for some odd reason — pretty hilarious).

I don’t care what heat it receives … the guy is being tested. Listen to me: The last thing fucking thing on Earth we would do is lie about something like this. Everybody always thinks there are these big conspiracies and shit. This is a massive, massive business, right? We’re on FOX, we’re regulated by all these athletic commissions. You think we’re going to hide Vitor Belfort in Brazil so he can cheat? First of all, I would never fucking do that. Take me out of the equation and the company would never do that. There are no conspiracies here…. We’re not hiding Vitor Belfort down in Brazil because he’s drugged out of his mind and can’t pass a test anywhere else — that’s completely false. Vitor Belfort is huge in Brazil and does very well down there. The people in Brazil want to see him fight in Brazil.

Let’s also address another rumor, although I’m not sure how valid it is. People are claiming this fight has been set up in order to ‘punish’ Tim Kennedy for recent statements he made regarding the pay structure in UFC. Not sure how you can punish a dude with a ‘tough fight’ being that Tim Kennedy used to liquify the heads of enemy combatants with a M40A1 Sniper Riflein real life. Also, let’s not forget that Tim Kennedy hopped in the guard of Roger Gracie like it was a jungle gym and out-grappled a grappling demigod. Now everyone Twitter bomb @TimKennedyMMA and tell him to stop playing Call of Duty because Battlefield is an astronomically superior game.

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