Vitor Belfort Thinks That He’s Better Without TRT

Vitor Belfort is a bit of a strange dude sometimes. Vitor’s antics over the last few years have put his accomplishments from his earlier years, years where drug testing in MMA wasn’t as strict, into serious doubt for many. Vitor Belfort became the face of TRT over the past few years, leading to a lot of trash talk, debate and finally TRT being banned and Vitor losing his title shot against Chris Weidman. Belfort will finally get his shot against Weidman in February, but there are already doubts that a TRT-less Vitor Belfort will be the same guy who beat Bisping, Rockhold and Henderson in 2013.

Incredulously enough, Belfort is now claiming that without TRT he is better than he ever was and that it doesn’t matter if he’s on the gas or not.

“It was better for me (the end of TRT) because I left a boring treatment that was bothering me, and now I’m stronger, lighter and faster. So, for me, it was wonderful. Doesn’t matter what my blood says, nor the result of the blood test. What matters is what is in my head. It was banned? There is no problem. I took 2014 to improve some techniques. I know that is hard to believe but I’m better now. I have been improving my skills, my kicks, my boxing, my endurance, my grappling, my strength and my footwork.”

If it didn’t matter, why did he take it in the first place? I’m not crazy, right? Why even take it if it really wasn’t helping him? Now it was a boring treatment? If it was so boring, why did he keep doing it in the first place? Especially when it stirred up so much controversy? This is very clearly grandstanding that nobody can buy into. C’mon, Vitor.


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