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Vitor Belfort thinks Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones

Vitor Belfort thinks Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones

Vitor Belfort was the only dude I genuinely thought could beat Anderson Silva in the past five years.  While he didn’t make it out of the first round, I feel like there’s something to be said about the Octagon presence he still has after over a decade in the sport.  Most people who stay in MMA as long as him end up as gate-keepers, but Vitor has remained a contender and credits some dude named ‘Jesus’ for his internal longevity.  Whoever this ‘Jesus’ dude is, he sounds like a cool dude.  I hope I run into him at a nightclub in Brazil and he can give me some stock tips and MMA gambling pointers.  It sucks being wrong all the time on my own.

Usually when fighters say “I think this guy could beat this other guy,” we just brush it off and assume it’s speculation, but considering Vitor has fought both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, we have to assume he’s somewhat of an expert on the subject.

“Anderson vs. GSP is meaningless. It would make sense if Anderson fought Jon Jones. Anderson is a fighter at another level. I’m not underestimating Jones but appraising Anderson. He’s one of the best that has existed, I always thought it,” he told Por Dentro da Arena in his natve Brazil.

“It is very nice to see his success. I know what he has gone through. Anderson is in a very high level and should defend his belt or fight for the light heavyweight title. I think he has a greater possibility to beat Jones. He would win on the feet.”

Whatever Vitor says, I’ll blindly agree with.  If Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones is the fight he wants to see, then it’s the fight I want to see.  Maybe Vitor should introduce Dana White to this ‘Jesus’ dude and they can work out the pros and cons.  At the very least, they could smoke some cigars or go surfing at Pepe Beach.  You never need an excuse to have a good time in Brazil.


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