Vitor Belfort says the UFC will overtake soccer in Brazil

Isn’t it Futbol, Vitor? Many would think that MMA (or the UFC) overtaking soccer in Brazil would be impossible, but let’s not forget that the history of Futbol in the world’s fifth largest country only started taking shape in the 1930’s. It isn’t that old, maybe it could happen?

Soccer was only somewhat popular in Brazil until they participated in the first World Cup. With they huge media exposure influencing a new generation of kids, the sport boomed. Twenty years later, enter the advent of Pele, the World Cup wins in 58, 62 and 70, and you had a a full blown national love of the sport on beautiful Brazilian hands. The only things people love more than soccer in Brazil is thongs and God. Maybe even Jiu Jitsu. How could the UFC ever over take the love of Pele? Let alone thongs? Vitor Belfort will try to explain that to you in this video from


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