Vitor Belfort is the perfect example of why there aren’t many successful Jewish or Muslim MMA fighters

Vitor Belfort won again last night, and this time, as he said, he was on a different type of TRT. No, not testosterone replacement therapy. This time he was using true revival touch. The touch of God. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that Vitor needs to have his Christianity banned from the Octagon. It’s simply too powerful.

“I’m still using TRT. You know the meaning? True revival touch. That’s what I’m in right now. I want to thank god for giving me the strength and the ability to be who I am. I am who I am… I’m very thankful that god thanked me with god skills, and I evolved and I try to get better every day. It’s simple.”

If Vitor Belfort has God skills due to this “true revival touch” than the governing bodies of MMA need to stand back and think about the implications. Why aren’t we seeing Allah, or Abraham being thanked in the Octagon? Maybe it’s because Jesus Christ is too powerful.

It’s simply unfair that Vitor Belfort can go from chemical enhancements to supernatural enhancements at will. What if you were an atheist fighter, or even agnostic, knowing that God almighty, and the Son of God are in Vitor’s corner along with literally Vitor’s corner. Not only is this a huge advantage spiritually, but Vitor didn’t even have to pony up for the extra hotel rooms or plane tickets.

It’s time to take God out of the Octagon. Until then, Vitor’s going to be at an advantage that is simply too good for Christ’s sake.

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