Vitor Belfort is perfecting his striking with Ray Sefo, and it looks pretty damn legit

Who doesn’t remember the time when it was confirmed that Vitor Belfort would face Fedor Emelianenko with an eight-day notice? Damn, those were the days. Around that same time, Kimo Leopaldo died and was resurrected compliments of Beau Taylor, who pulled off perhaps the greatest internet prank of the decade. Days later after the news of Belfort vs. Fedor was ‘confirmed’, Vitor signed with the UFC and was set to replace Dan Henderson in his UFC 103 fight with Rich Franklin. Henderson eventually went to Strikeforce, and Belfort managed to score his third KO victory in a row with a first round knockout of Franklin. A couple months later, Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort was announced for UFC 108 — and then the MMA world imploded into a singularity of WTFness.

Anderson said Vitor shouldn’t trade strikes with him, Vitor Belfort was somewhat shook and said he didn’t want to fight Silva anymore, then UFC 108 was canceled due Silva recovering from elbow surgery The fight was then re-scheduled for UFC 109, but then canceled again a couple weeks later. The fight was re-re-scheduled for UFC 112, but then it was Vitor Belfort who pulled out with an injury. Anderson Silva randomly fired some verbal jabs at Vitor, claiming that ‘he was never really his friend’ and then Vitor changed his mind and made a statement that he really, really wants to fight Anderson Silva. Within that labyrinth of confusion, this face-off video was recorded in Brazil that shows a very apprehensive Vitor and an aggressive Anderson Silva doing their thing in front of the camera. UFC 117 went down, Silva tapped Sonnen, which apparently warranted an immediate title shot. A couple months later Chael Sonnen tested positive for steroids, and was forced to pull out of his title match and Vitor Belfort took his place. Now, nearly two years since it was first announced that Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva was confirmed, we’re just twelve days away from the bout finally going down (egh, knock on wood). Now check out this video from of Vitor Belfort getting busy on the pads with Ray Sefo.

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