Vitor Belfort has Hepatitis A and will use the power of God to fix it

First Aleksander Emelianenko and now Vitor Belfort, damn this hepatitis and its incurable path of destruction. Granted, it was rumored that Aleksander contracted hepatitis C, something that he has vehemently denied for months now. At some point last year, Aleksander provided a somewhat controversial doctor’s note stating that the only incurable disease he had was a case of knocking people out cold with phantom punches. If only Emelianenko employed the power of God, then there would be no discrepancies about the status of his health — at least that’s what Vitor Belfort intends to do. This afternoon, Vitor Belfort publicly announced that he has hepatitis A and that God will be burning it out of his system in the near future. Props to divine medicine, take that Obama healthcare. As of this moment, Vitor is still scheduled to take on Sexama at UFC 133 and hopefully that will not change.

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