Vinny Magalhaes talks about the night Ryo Chonan sent three prostitutes to his hotel room

For some unknown reason that could only be discovered by doing some pagan ritual, the topic of discussion in the Tapout Radio chatroom last night was the cost efficiency of Mexican prostitutes. Vinny Magalhaes chimed in to let everyone know that not only did a girl urinate on him recently, but he actually enjoyed it.

[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:27 pm: dude, i had this girl peeing on me the other night
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:27 pm: i know man, she asked to do it
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:27 pm: I let her do it
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:28 pm: yes, I’m serious
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:28 pm: It felt good , nice and warm

Wait, hold your gag reflex back just a little bit longer. Vinny went on to say that when he cornered Sokoudjou in his Pride 34 fight against Ricardo Arona, Ryo Chonan’s manager arranged for three prostitutes to meet Sokoudjou and Vinny in their hotel room after the fight. That’s the same Ryo Chonan that submitted Anderson Silva in Pride and King Mo calls Okama-San which means ‘Mr.Gay’.

[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:36 pm: i did 2 chineses at the same time and when I went to japan to corner sokoudjou against Arona
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:37 pm: NO, THEY WERE CHINESES
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:37 pm: THEY SAID THEY WERE CHINESES
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:40 pm: I DIDN’T ACTUALLY PAY
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:41 pm: RYO CHONNAN’S MANAGER PAID FOR US
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:41 pm: HE PAID 3 HOOKERS FOR EACH OF US
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:41 pm: IT WAS AWESOME!
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:41 pm: LOL
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:42 pm: ruby… i’m not making this up
[VinnyMagalhaes] 3:43 pm: yo, i’m taking off now, I have to go train

The fact that Vinny Magalhaes used caps for no apparent reason just increases the factor of hilarity by 10 points. For those of you who doubt this was really Vinny Magalhaes, dude is always in the Tapout Radio chatroom along with a crew of other fighters, pseudo-celebs and groupies. It’s like a North Hollywood bar on a Wednesday night. [Source]

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