MMA Rundown

Videos: A Collection of Batshit Crazy Vitor Belfort Interviews

One of the greatest gifts the MMA Gods bestowed on us was granting Victor Belfort the gift of speaking the English language.

Over the years, Jesus’s best friend, the Young Dinosaur, has given us more ridiculous interviews than we could ever hope for. Here are a few of his finest moments:



“My role as a gladiator is to perform” & why you should never compare two things, “it leads to frustration”:


“My secret is to make something bitter, better.”


“Lions aren’t Afraid to go into the Jungle… and that jungle is Jon Jones.” (Sorry, you have to endure a Metro PCS ad to watch that one)


“[Ben Carson] doesn’t have an agenda… he wants to live for the children” and “Not let follow the brain, because the brain leads to trap”


I only hope Vitor becomes a manager.  Countless Brazilian fighters could use him as a mouthpiece.  He is the Brazilian Tito Ortiz.

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